THE SPITS - 19 Million A.C. EP CD

The infamous 19 Million A.C. seven inch is finally available on CD with 15 bonus tracks! You're probably wondering what else is on this disc, not only do you get the 19 Million EP but also both songs that were on their split seven inch with the Briefs, their song "Wendy 'O" from the tribute comp single to the late Wendy 'O Williams that came out on Jonny Cat, covers of GG Allin & the Dicks, plus alternate versions of songs from their three LPs. I imagine some of these songs were on their long out of print debut seven inch which shows up on E-Bay from time to time. If you threw all of your Spits records in a blender and then added a "splash of pee" you'd get this fine collection. The Spits are the perfect fun party band & this collection is a dream come true until we get another album (?). [Dirtnap Records] MW

REATARDS - Bedroom Disasters

Previously available as a CD-R only release (I'm still kicking myself for not snatching one up at the Blackout) with a slightly different track list. After their amazing reunion show at the Blackout last May I was ready for more Reatards & this collection delivers the goods. Some of the tracks were on now out of print seven inches but a bulk of these songs come from Ryan & Jay's home recorded tapes. This is a mixture of covers (Ramones, Angry Samoans, Eater, etc.) and originals and the sound quality is great. Favorites include "Stayce", "Fashion Victim", & "I Do What I Want", a song that later became a Wongs tune. Bedroom Disasters is the perfect balance blending the garage rock charms of the Teenage Hate LP mixed with the aggression of the Grown Up Fucked Up LP. Another rarities comp is due out this year on In The Red, so I've heard, and they have just released their first new recordings in six years on a new seven inch. If you missed 'em the first time out don't make the same mistake twice chump! Recommended, I listened to it so much I had to force myself to stop. [Empty Records] MW

LOST SOUNDS - self titled

This highly anticipated album was one that I had waited patiently for but yet I approached it with a sense of fear. The fear was that my favorite band had grown tired of their direction and were ready for a change. I do admit that I wasn't one hundred percent sold on the Future Touch EP, I felt that the numerous side bands and other projects had leaked into what made the Lost Sounds unique, that was until I heard this album. While they admittedly have opted to go for a cleaner & more approachable sound they have not lost one ounce of what attracted me to their music in the first place. Some of the songs are so amazingly catchy that you get a chill down your spine each time you hear them. I am drawn in more and more with each listen and have a new appreciation for this album with each spin. Long time fans fear not there is still a perfect mixture of guitar, synth, Rich's pounding drum work, and new bass player Patrick does a fine job as well. Top ten material, but you already knew that. [In The Red] MW

THE LIDS - self titled

I remember when I saw The Lids for the first time, it was at the 2004 Blackout and I instantly thought that these guys should be on Rip Off. Lowery told me later that night that he was putting out their album so I wasn't really that surprised. I guess this band has lost some members since recording this album, but basically it boils down to two minute garage punk fun with female back up vocals. Think Loli & The Chones meets the Rip Offs. This album is a fast, fun ride of simple punk rock tunes & packs enough of a kick to the balls to remind you of where you've been all day. My brother hates this band which makes me like them even more. Favorites include, "She's Been Around", "No Good", & "She's Not White". It's all over before you know it, clocking in a just under 19 minutes, but that's why they invented the repeat button. The sold out LP has an extra track. [Rip Off] MW...UPDATE: The Lids recently broke up.


This disc is basically a collection of early Riverboat Gamblers, songs a few cover tunes, and mix in a few new ones. They owed Vile Beat records another album so here it is. Shit I can not say enough good things about this band. Please do yourself a favor and buy there records all three of them. This has to be my favorite band around right now. This record just shows how even their early tunes are top notch. This ones has a little more pop to it then "Something To Crow About" but that's a good thing also it is more raw sounding. Twelve tracks and well worth the price of admission. There is some really catchy songs on here. With "Can't Stop" at the top on the list. The last time we talked to Mike the singer he said the vinyl might come out on Dirtnap records. The band and Vile Beat (Beat Vile) records had a small conflict from the RBG interview on Fungus Boy, where the singer complained about the labels promotion of their first album. So they had some words on the guest book of the Gamblers web site, thus resulting the labels new slogan "The worst label bringing you the best bands". They said all has been worked out, so it was a good thing. I can't wait for the next full length album. Also be sure to check them out when they play near or in your town on tour, tell 'em Fungus Boy sent you. [Vilebeat] RBG JW

FU MANCHU - Start The Machine

More of the same, some what a continuation of "California Crossing". If you've heard Fu Manchu before you know what your getting. Californian guitar rock. Nothing makes this record stand out. Not that it's bad. It would be nice to see these guys try something different. The "King Of The Road" album might be a better starting point for those interested. Do the FU. [DRT] FU MANCHU JW

BURNING IMAGE - 1983-1987

"The Final Conflict" this song is a punk classic, the best track on here. I expected more after hearing a mp3 of this songs. Think T.S.O.L "Change Today", mix in some goth and X. A pretty good disc if your into these bands. Songs about politics and religion. Includes a nice booklet with liner notes with the origins of each song. Although I was not blown away by this collection it has some good songs. Alternative Tentacles has been doing a good job releasing some 1980's skate rock. The last three songs were recorded in 2003 but sound close to the earlier material. MP3'S [ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES] JW

THE OBSERVERS - So What's Left Now

These guys have received a ton of positive press and since they were coming to the area I decided to check this out. Upon first listen I liked what I was hearing but wasn't completely sold, but then with each repeated spin I was hooked, I couldn't stop listening. This four piece from Portland manage to channel the spirit and sound of early 1980's punk rock without becoming a bland and stale rip off band. Everyone who has reviewed this album has rattled off varied comparisons so here I go with mine, early TSOL mixed with the Gears, you make the call. Each song is a passionate ball of energy that is conveyed in their live show. Honestly you could put any one of these songs on a mix tape of classic 80's punk and it would fit perfectly. Another winner from the North West, don't miss 'em if they come to your town! [Vinyl Warning] MW


Album number two from one of Chicago's best finally sees the light of day. This was recorded in 2001/02 mixed and released last year, this was actually recorded right after the first album, but was on hold for various reasons. The big stink on the net is that this isn't as fast and in your face as "Greater Than Ever", however no one actually went as far as to slag this release. Sure there is noticeable change from their debut but they haven't lost a thing in my opinion, we all got a sneak peak at this album on both the Maybe Chicago & Pain In The Big Neck compilations. Like cheese and malt liquor this gets better with age, need proof chump, dial up the song "Operational" and then soil your undies. Maybe I'll actually get around to typing that interview I did with them in 2002. Recommended!! [Big Neck Records] MW baseballfuries

THE WONGS - Live And Shattered

Holy shit a new release from the Wongs! If you thought you heard the last from these guys you're wrong. Ryan told me that they get together every now and then and play. This is a live CD recorded on July 3, 2004 at the Rouge, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Some of the songs are from their one and only album "Reanimate My Baby", which came out on Rip Off years ago. While the songs on the LP were done at break neck speed, live these songs are slowed down with more emphasis on the actual musicianship. I can't help but think Ryan's involvement with the Reatards reunion just two months prior at the Blackout had an influence on this set, on the last track they even break into the Reatards "Dirty Motherfucker". All of the classic song are here, "Painful Love", their take on GG's "You Hate Me & I Hate You", "Come On Down". This a true DIY release, it looks like the cover and tray cards were done on color photocopy machine and the actual disc itself looks like it was ran through a dot matrix printer. Surprisingly the sound quality is quite good, they had a good live mix and the only problem you hear is from the stage mic cutting out a few times. Fans of the Wongs, Reatards, or any of Ryan Elvis Wong's other projects will want to have this in their collection. Limited, not sure, but I bet it is. Maybe I'll get around to typing that interview I did with them back in 2000. [Discos Cagados] MW

FEELERS - Learn To Hate The Feelers

On the heels of a highly sought after debut seven inch these five lads from Columbus, OH have hit us upside the head with their first full length. This is a continuation of the single right down to the "recorded in the practice space" feel. They've been called everything from a Killed By Death style band to being "too lo-fi". Noisy, dirty, quick (only one song passes the two minute mark) songs that sound like the Clone Defects pissed on a Reatards album and this was the murky yellowish brown run off, but that's a good thing. The only hold over from the single is the song "Next Boy". Headache inducing, dual guitar rock with a hatred of Germans thrown in for good measure. I bet I could clear the break room at work with this, all the while I'd sit there by myself with a smile on my face. The vinyl has a song not on the CD. [Deadbeat] MW

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Lullabies To Paralyze

Well I have been waiting for this once since “Songs for the Deaf” ruled my stereo a few years back. I have been a long time fan of QOTSA after hearing the first Desert Sessions record. This one is more in the vein of “Rated R” with half the songs more slow/mellow. It’s a good deal less heavy then the last album. I’m not sure if the departure of Nick Oliveri had anything to do with this but I bet it had little effect. As I know the creative control is completely in the hands of the Josh Homme. The stand out tracks are “Medication”, “Little Sister”, and “In My Head”. Mark Lanegan is back for vocals on a few tracks. Available in limited edition package with a DVD of the recording process, where apparently it helps your singing voice to smoke a cigarette with every couple vocal takes. Also a funny skit with Sarah Silverman playing the part of a record label psychiatrist who interviews Josh about “His little band”. Also on the DVD is a very well done video for “Someone’s in the Wolf”. I say well worth the money. The band has all ways had solid song writing. Too bad the tapes for the song “The Fun Machine Took A Shit & Died” were lost. [Interscope] JW

7 SECONDS - Take It Back, Take It On, Take it Over!

Well 7 SECONDS is one of those classic 1985 era punk/hardcore bands that are still around and releasing new records. “The Crew” album which came out in 1986 on Better Youth Organization is still great. I haven’t heard much after the first two albums so I’m not sure how this compares from the early years to the in between stuff. I know the singer Kevin Seconds has several solo records out. “Y.P.H.” or your parents hard core is a song about the older fans bringing their kids to the concerts. They still have those great sing along songs. Overall it’s a good record with some songs having the same energy and attitude of the early days. While other songs have a lot more pop influence. I don’t like every song on here. Positive songs, seventeen tracks in twenty nine minutes. Also check out 7 SECONDS - The Crew, and Scream Real Loud … Live! from 2000 [Side One Dummy] JW

7 SECONDS - Scream Real Loud … Live

Recorded live at the Troubadour Los Angeles, CA April 29, 2000. Here you have a twenty six song live album from 7 Seconds. I just saw them live for the first time and was not disappointed, a great live band that really gets the crowd into it. My brother saw them back at the Outhouse In the late 1980’s. This record is pretty close to the show I just saw with the band knowing what the fans want to hear. That being a lot of the old fast songs. “Not Just Boy’s Fun”, “Here’s Your Warning”, “Young Til I Die”, and the cover song “99 Red Balloons”.
[Side One Dummy] JW

HUMAN EYE - self titled

Timmy Vulgar is back with his first album & band in the post Clone Defects era. Depending on what you read on-line most people either love this band or truly hate them. It's hard to get past the Clone Defects comparisons, although you'll find plenty of people on the web who disagree with me. In my book anything that Timmy V does is going to have certain elements that remind me of his previous band. Human Eye unleash their unique brand of self described alien rock in this short debut album. This gets better with each and every spin. Throw out all your art damaged, Zappa, acid trip, etc. tags and be prepared for one seriously fucked up (in a good way) ride through a world where aliens are real and Eminem gets killed with a pair of shears. My favorite Timmy Vulgar moment happened two years ago in Chicago when he placed a full pint glass of beer in his coat pocket and walked out of the bar to Swank Franks, home of the Chardog, inside he asked the owner if he could use his "Char-bathroom". [In The Red] MW

KILL-A-WATTS - Circut Breaker Love

Finally we get album number two from the Kill-A-Watts, but damn the luck they decide to break up before it even hits the streets. I got a chance to hear a few of these songs last year at their final show in St. Paul, MN. First thing you'll notice is the huge drum sound and overall great production, Mechadrum is pounding the drums like there is no tomorrow. This was recorded as a three piece and went though various problems that delayed the release but it was well worth the wait. Don't expect a repeat of their classic debut, this time out they slow things down just a tad but don't loose any of their debut's energy. While they may have changed a bit their song subjects have not, they're still singing about cheeseburgers, hating the hangout kids, and cheap medicine. Just as you start to drool over the greatness of this album it's all over in about the time it takes to recover from a kick to the nutsack. Why did you have to break up Kill-A-Watts and where is my singles comp? Fungus Boy Top Ten. Both the LP & CD are limited to 500 copies each. [Rip Off] MW

THE FATALS - self titled CD
This disc complies the first three out of print singles plus one bonus track from France's dirtiest trash rockers The Fatals. Like all of their limited seven inches this CD is limted as well, I think only 500 copies were made. The Fatals play noisey fuzzed out garage rock and the songs are over in a flash, only one song on this hits the three minute mark. My only complaint with this release is that all the songs sound like bad MP3 quality, you know the kind where it sounds like somebody is jangling a set of keys in the background. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys at the Blackout. [P Trash Records] MW